Mister Average

Mister Average is a pen name of one of the most prolific writers of erotic short stories.
Most of his stories have a message, or a question. Yes, they are naughty, but they often also present a dilemma.
Most contain some love and romance, most of them reflect what we are like in our average lives.
And they contain lots of dirty sex to keep you horny.
The characters are generally normal, average, people – like me and you in realistic situations, in realistic fantasies.
He writes about the kinds of things you fantasise about.
Mister Average has written many short stories that involve masturbation, or wanking, and he has become known as the “world’s biggest wanker”.
One of his books, “The Wankers Guide to Masturbation” is used as a textbook in some subjects at a university in England.
Many of his works have been translated into German.

We asked Mister Average what his favourite works are. We have listed them below…

Mister Average – Swinger Stories, Shamoko.
Swinger Stories – Shamoko

Mister Average, one of the world’s most prolific erotica authors, brings you the latest of his arousing short stories and introduces the reader to Shamoko, an ancient Oriental sexual ritual that sees its practitioners engage in exciting yet bizarre sexual practices without speaking, without showing emotion. Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop.

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Mister Average – The Maid
The Maid A Mister Average classic. Full of sex, intrigue, twists and romance – all in a few thousand words!
Brian had often fantasised about their having a maid, but was stunned when his wife actually arranged for one to move in with them. Of course, the inevitable happened, he fell in love with her but he did not expect the wild twisting of events that would follow, and he had not anticipated his wife’s deception.

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Mister Average – Older Men YW, The Phone
Older Men, Younger Women – the Phone. Married for 25 years, Brian feels washed up and resigned, surfing the chat rooms of the Internet as an outlet for his desires and a substitute for his lost youth. A chance meeting in a virtual bar turns into a real life sexual adventure with a thrill-seeking young woman. She wants to drag him even further into her wanton web, but was the meeting pure chance and will it bring down his marriage?

This is Mister Average’s first collaboration with another writer, in this instance the gorgeous Jemma Parkin and together they wrote the Older Men, Younger Women series. The series, set in London, brings out so many of the issues between couples and how we act and react. But is it all as simple as that or is the wife plotting something?
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