Cuckold Sex 2


There are men who love to see their wife being used by other men. It is their perversion, something they often can not control, they are just driven towards this fetish, this kinky sexual lifestyle. These are the stories of some men who watched their wives, were made to do things that were unnatural, and loved it. Three cuckold sex short stories to titillate and excite you by the master of cuckold sex erotica.

Immerse yourself in the forbidden, in the dirty, in the taboo subject of cuckold sex.
Live out your fantasies of cuckold erotica.

ISBN : 9781301995837
Words : 6500
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Author : Jake MrKink. Find out more about Jake on his profile page here.
Jake writes mainly about the kinds of situations we find ourselves in during our daily lives – the temptations, the urges, the unhappy relationships that drive us towards erotic moments with others. He is also interested in processes of cuckoldry.

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