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Jake is one of the most intriguing erotica writers – bringing together a mix of spicy erotica with real characters, like you and me. In this collection of four stories related to work affairs Jake explores the themes of middle aged sexual boredom. He thinks about why and how we feel alone and unloved and how we make our own compromises to put some spark back into our lives. These are real people, you are the voyeur. It could be your life. Here are some excerpts from this title.
A few emails came in from Erik; he said lunch the day before had been great. He made a few other supportive comments; he seemed to know what nerves to soothe. She looked at the screen and her fingers took over from her mind. She wrote…
“Yes, it was lovely sitting next to you at lunch and chat. It’s a pity we can’t go and have lunch by ourselves one day, just the two of us. But hey, it’s Inappropriate Friday so maybe we can – lol.”
She signed off and trembled, she knew she had gone too far, but what the hell.
Minutes later came the reply…”That sounds like a lovely idea, I am free for lunch today if you are.”
Susie’s heart was pounding in her chest, what did she do? They were both married. Sitting next to him at a team lunch was one thing, fantasising about him being romantic with her was another. But going to lunch together, just the two of them, privately, that was something else entirely. She had to think quickly, and she had to make the right decision, but she had no idea what the right thing to do was. Her mind was racing, her heart beating so fast she felt faint.”
“No, it’s not, don’t you get it? My life is shit and I pretend I am this happy little thing every day. I am not even little any more; look at my hips and thighs. Look at my boobs, they are getting bigger.” She cupped them in her hands as she mentioned them.
“I am sorry, it’s not your fault my life is crap but I just can’t hold it in any more, everything is so hard for me.” He reached for her again and held her close – totally inappropriate, but essential.
“Cath, how about we go for a little walk and sit down somewhere away from this busy entrance to work and we can have a chat. Would you like that?” She smiled and held him again. More than anything she felt comfort with his manly presence, his manly protection of her.
She laughed as she looked at him and said in her lispy voice, “But no sex, ok, coz we are both married. Not today anyway, ok?” They both laughed and he held out his hand. She shook it to close the deal and then leant forward to give him a little peck on his cheek.
“But kissing is ok.” Again they laughed, and then headed for a park across the road from their workplace. It was a warm summer’s morning, perfect for sitting and having a chat even though it was only 7.30 in the morning. They crossed the road and nearly got bowled over by a speeding cyclist. Cath held onto Erik and took a bit longer than expected to let go.

ISBN : 9781310329098
Words : 28200
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Author : Jake MrKink. Find out more about Jake on his profile page here.
Jake writes mainly about the kinds of situations we find ourselves in during our daily lives – the temptations, the urges, the unhappy relationships that drive us towards erotic moments with others. He is also interested in processes of cuckoldry.

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