Sex Auction


The company was old, and powerful. You wouldn’t read about it in the newspapers, it was far too powerful to be in the public gaze. The head of the company was a man known only as JB. He was reputed to be one of the most powerful men in the world, a man who owned Presidents and Prime Ministers. But the company had some odd practices to control senior execs, including the Sex Auction.
Hamilton Teake had only just started with the company when he was told of the Sex Auction and the requirement for his wife to take part in it.
Samantha finally agreed to take part, but maybe she learnt more than she was meant to from this barbaric and sadistic event.
This book contains material that may distress some.

ISBN : 9781465959485
Words : 8200
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Author : Mister Average. Find out more about Mister Average on his profile page here.
Called the “world’s biggest wanker”, Mister Average is renown for his masturbation related erotica.

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