Sex in the City Park


Just to show her open mindedness and versatility, Misty takes a stab in the dark, with a sex story in a park.
Cindy took the same path everyday on her way to work. She caught the train, stepped off at the same station and walked through the park to her office block. This time she knew the man who had been sitting across from her on the train was following her. She was excited, and scared.
Then she stopped and faced him, and decided to let fate take her where it would.

ISBN : 9781476396323
Words : 2800
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Author : Misty Crimsonlay. Find out more about Misty on her profile page here.
Misty writes mainly lesbian erotica and transgender erotica. She is fascinated by the way our bodies and minds interact with each other.
Awards : Second Life Writer’s Gold Star for Erotica in a Virtual World.

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