The Lesbian Romances of Penelope Jones 8


Controversial lesbian author, Misty Crimsonlay, continues her Penelope Jones saga with the middle aged woman finding love with Becky. But strange things happen in love when one reveals their fetishes, and a surprise visit to the supermarket again tests Penelope’s resolve. Join the literary world’s most hopeless romantic on her journey…
Banned by some, lauded by others, the Penelope Jones series is a challenging portrayal of modern attitudes to love, sex and femininity.
Some extracts from this short story…
“Penny, I am what is referred to as a cuckold. It is a weakness of mine, sort of a sickness, it’s a very mental thing that exists inside me. What it means is that if my lover has an affair with someone, I tend to tolerate it and in many cases derive pleasure from it.” Penelope looked at her lover.
“Hi Charmaine. Yes, we keep bumping into each other. You know I was thinking about what you were saying before, about life, and how you were going to change the world. Good on you, yes you should. The world is so full of shit, you should give it hell and get out there and change it. We need more women taking on the world and winning.”
“You are serious, a woman hit on you at the supermarket? Now, you aren’t just making this all up because of my cuckold thing, are you? Because you do know what this sort of thing will do to me.”

ISBN : 9781311040145
Words : 5800
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Author : Misty Crimsonlay. Find out more about Misty on her profile page here.
Misty writes mainly lesbian erotica and transgender erotica. She is fascinated by the way our bodies and minds interact with each other.
Awards : Second Life Writer’s Gold Star for Erotica in a Virtual World.

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