The Lesbian Romances of Penelope Jones


Award winning lesbian author, Misty Crimsonlay, introduces us to the loveable Penelope Jones, a 40’s plus woman who always seems to struggle with the fast paced changes of our modern world. In this first edition of the series, she is confronted by her girlfriend Jemma’s own unorthodox attitudes towards lesbianism, a challenge to their relationship that sees a surprising twist by Penelope.
This story reflects the challenges we all face as we try to break out from society’s tight grip and to express our true selves. Society labels us and puts us in a box – but Penelope’s lover, Jemma, shows she has a mind of her own, and lives outside the box.
In a world strangled by political correctness, these two women live their own lives in their own way.

ISBN : 9781310690211
Words : 7000
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Author : Misty Crimsonlay. Find out more about Misty on her profile page here.
Misty writes mainly lesbian erotica and transgender erotica. She is fascinated by the way our bodies and minds interact with each other.
Awards : Second Life Writer’s Gold Star for Erotica in a Virtual World.

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