The Wanker’s Guide to Masturbation


From one of the most prolific erotica authors comes the funniest book on wanking you will ever read. It has all the answers to questions you never thought to ask – Is God a wanker? Was Eve made to be the first bit of porn? Is wanking cheating? Wanking facts, songs, literature, who does it and why? Mutual masturbation, wanking jokes and, of course, the origins of wanking. But wait…there is more! It is the ultimate gift for all your wanking friends and will have you laughing at the author’s light hearted approach to this very serious subject. Or maybe you will just cry… Break open this taboo subject and embrace the art of wanking.
Boys, flop out the Old Boy and give him a flogging.
Girls, flop out the Old Girl and give her a bit of a thrashing!

ISBN : 9781310434471
Words : 13500
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Author : Mister Average. Find out more about Mister Average on his profile page here.
Called the “world’s biggest wanker”, Mister Average is renown for his masturbation related erotica.

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